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Wireless Weather Station

WWS-3828 Wireless Weather Station

WWS-3828 Wireless Weather Station 
          With outdoors temperature receiver


1. Big LCD display the time, temperature in/out door, humidity in door
    Set 12/24 Hrs
2. 2 group alarm system lasts for 1 minute
    temperature indoor
    Humidity indoor
3. Sampling cycle is 20 seconds for the temperature and humidity indoor it is 40seconds for
   temperature outdoor
4. Unit hang on wall

1. MODE: switch time-alarm1-alarm2
2. SET: press it 2 seconds enter into setup time and alarm, change the setup position.
3. UP: increase by degrees when setup. Turn on/off alarm function in alarming.
4. ℃/℉Switch ℃ and ℉ in timing; Press it 2secs to receive the outdoor temperature signals.

Temperature indoor:
1. Humidity indoor: O% -95%(±5%)
2. Sampling cycle is 20 seconds for the temperature and humidity, indoor, it is 40 seconds for 
    temperature outdoor
3. range is -20.O℃ - 90.0℃ (±1℃)
4. select the default temperature℃ or ℉

Dimension: 16.8*22.8*3.2CM
Packing: @40pcs/ctn,51.5*33.2*54.2cm, G.W.:16KGS

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